Halcyon Trim Weight Pocket


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Halcyon tank-mounted trim weight pockets are yet another novel Halcyon invention. This patented product supports optimal weight distribution, encouraging diving comfort, and in-water stability. While at the surface, Halcyon trim weights promote a heads-up position, counteracting the positive tendency of buoyant cylinders. These same weights support a horizontal position while under water, reducing effort and encouraging diving fun.

Up to 5 lb/2.27 kg of weight per pocket
Built from 1, 000-denier nylon with a hook and loop closure – a sturdy buckle ensures the weights remain in place
Designed to fit securely onto the tank straps
Excellent for travel, allowing you to fit additional weight upon reaching your destination
Halcyon trim weight pockets are protected by US Patents 5855454 and 6530725b1.


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