Halcyon Pathfinder Reels


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Pathfinder reels are designed for the demands of deep wrecks and long caves, and have a long-standing reputation for excellence in quality and design. Halcyon Pathfinder reels result from thousands of hours in recreational, technical, and cave diving environments, and have consistently proven their reliability with a unique and trouble-free design.

The handle is machined from aluminum and hard-coat finished for durability and proper weighting.
Entanglement risk is nearly eliminated with by a precision-fit handle, while allowing easy access to the spool.
Knurled lock-down screw, allows easy operation in cold water
Stainless steel double-ended bolt snap for easy attachment
Pathfinder reels come with #24 braided nylon line and are available in the following sizes: 400 (122 m) and 800 (244 m)


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