Halcyon H-75P 1st Stage Regulator


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Halcyon s H-75P offers many refined features that ensure consistent delivery, with performance, that ranks among the very best in our industry. The stable, intermediate pressure provides precise delivery of air to the second stage. This means that you will experience a remarkable ease of breathing, while diving in all environments. This is true at nearly any tank pressure, and within almost any water temperature. This sophisticated technology is among the best in the industry, freeing you to get the most out of your diving.
An air balanced flow-through piston delivers an optimal amount of air to the second stage, remaining unaffected by changes in tank pressure. Lightweight and responsive components create prompt adjustments to breathing demands in all conditions, temperatures, or tank pressures. Enjoy the smoothest breathing regulator, whether you are on the final hours of an extreme cave exploration, or on a blue water ascent, after a magnificent Grand Cayman wall dive.

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