Halcyon Explorer Wing


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Our classic Halcyon Explorer carries a time-honored tradition. in fact, its rugged construction is the foundation for an entire lineage of Halcyon buoyancy compensators. The Explorer wing is available in two lift capacities, and is appropriate for a wide range of double-tank gear configurations. The Explorer series offers a proven design that remains popular in a wide range of diving environments.

Key Features of the Explorer BC System
-Explorer Buoyancy Compensator (wing) – available in either 40- or 55-lb. (18- or 25-kg) lift capacity
-Choice of aluminum or stainless steel backplate – in standard or small size
-Complete Secure Harness – infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly
-Halcyon Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
-All Explorer wings are CE-certified


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