Halcyon Explorer 9 Primary Light


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The Halcyon Explorer 9 dedication to quality and innovation is clearly reflected in our Explorer light series. Designed with the first ever, truly sealed lid design and a range of premium features, many people rank the Explorer light as the best primary light ever constructed

Industry-first sealed, watertight, delrin lid design completely isolates battery compartment from cord and light head
Solid delrin canisters are longer, to ease the stowing of the long hose; watertrap, in bottom of canister, and raised battery tray provide additional protection for the battery pack
Battery and lid connect with corrosion-resistant, solid-core, gold-plated plugs
Gold-plated plugs are O-ring sealed to ensure leak-proof lid
Secure battery tray with stainless steel rods for additional protection
Water-trap canister may prevent battery damage, due to small leaks, from a dirty O-ring
Unique captured, Halcyon Blue silicon switch boot and O-ring, with redesig


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