Halcyon 21-watt HID Light Head


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The Halcyon 21-watt HID is an industry favorite, allowing full adjustability, and easy bulb changes in a conventional, test-tube style design. The Goodman style head offers easy, hands-free operation, while the exclusive ultra-bright reflector promises the best possible light output. Combined with the extended protective cowling on our light head, the Explorer 21-watt lights throw out an intensely focused beam of bright, white light that you can rely on in the most challenging situations.

Locking bulb design eliminates the risk of dislodged bulbs and sporadic ignition problems (patent pending).
High-temperature polymer (PEEK) nearly eliminates risk of socket damage common within the competition.
New, brighter bulb, with a shorter stem and protection sleeve that reduces risk of breakage.
Includes the time-tested Goodman handle and Halcyon reflector.


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